Hardhitting Hightech Hero for Hire


Name: MONO Origin: High Tech Identity: William Garnier Team: The Exceptionals

Fighting: Ty (5) Gd Agility: Ex (16) Rm Strength: Gd (8) Ex Endurance: Rm (26) In Reason: Ama (46) Intuition: Gd (8) Psyche: Ex (16) Initiative: -1 on gauntl. Resources: Inc Popularity: - Health: 55 Karma: -

Powers: Ama Sonic Generation (gauntlets). Cl 1000 Invulnerability to Mental Attacks.

Inc Stun Blast Wide Beam Blast (Rem Stun)

+4 CS when using gauntlets


Headgear -Ex material strength, -Cl 1000 Invulnerability to Mental Attacks -Also a communicator (including mapper & scanner) & Targeting System -Cleverly disguised as fully functional Walkman Headphones

Sonic Gauntlets -Rm material strength, -In Sonic Generation

Standard Gear: -Walkman, -Flashlight, -Flare, -Camera, -Inhibitors, -Flying Disc, -Serpent Crest -Dosis of Ex healing powder (3), -Dosis of Rm antidote powder (5) -Audio tape with a Strange Voice (side A) & the Valhalla Gods Crazy Sounds (side B) -Audio insect tapes, -Shield Body Armour, -Rocket Belt

Magic: Able to manipulate personal and universal energies at the time Ex Resistance Aura (P). Gd Damage Conversion (P), Trance

Talents: Physics, Engineering, Electronics, Mystical Origin, Artist, Performer, Trivia/Underground Music Scene, Martial Arts A, Weapons Specialist (Gauntlets), Marksmanship (Gauntlets)

Contacts: Peter Parker (journalism), Mr. Dorfmann U.N. (international), Madame Laveau (vodoun)



Originally named William Justice, Mono was already obsessed with sound even before he was born. When the doctors made an echoscope during his pregnancy, he seemed to react heavily on the pulsotronic waves the device made. One doctor would later claim that the baby seemed to be enjoying it. Listening to all kinds of music through his schoolyears (fellow schoolmates would sometimes tease him by calling him Willy Walkman), he also developed an exceptional skill in the field of physics. Most of the time he would be experimenting with different sound or sonic transmitters, pushing their capacity to the limit. If he wasn’t busy tinkering, he would sometimes follow some secret teachings from his mother, who has much knowledge of Vodoun and all of it’s secret rituals. After graduation he would soon become famous in the underground music industry, taking the identity of DJ Mono. His experimental music had many followers, but it was due to his experiments in music that his career would end eventually. It was at a party given by some high official, that he tried some new technical devices to support his music. Unfortunately, one of the devices created some sort of sonic blast, which made most of the roof collapse on the dancing people beneath it. This lead to the tragic death of twelve people, one of them being the wife of the official. The official, being heartbroken and outraged, made sure Mono would never be able to work as a DJ ever again. Mono, blaming himself for the tragedy, was at a complete loss. He was just ready to destroy the infernal device that created the sonic blast until he suddenly realised that instead it might be put to good use. Working many days and nights to convert the device into something more practical, he ended up with two gauntlets which were able to generate powerful sonic blasts from it’s palms. Now he took on the name Mono again, not as a DJ anymore, but as a hero. Trying to save people instead now (well, and to have some kicks along the way ofcourse).

City of Birth: New Orleans Date of Birth: 1/13/1956 Height: 1.85 (m) Eyes: brown Hair: black


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